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Can't Sit Still

The Adventurous Life of an Immigrant Entrepreneur

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Jim Kamstra Sr. was a passionate man with a zest for life who put himself fully in whatever he did.  Growing up in the Netherlands during the Great Depression, then living under German occupation in World War II, Jim learned how to take advantage of opportunities that presented themselves.  As a young man full of ambition, he emigrated to Canada.  With a tireless work ethic, Jim started a small landscaping company that became a family legacy.  With many challenges along the way, Jim sometimes took more risks than he should have.  Often, he forged ahead without thinking of all the consequences which sometimes got him into trouble.  As a result, he experienced setbacks and suffered more than his share of accidents, on land, air, and water. Nevertheless, his determination and ‘never give up’ attitude got him through--at least most of the time.

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