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Upcoming Trip

Colombia:  Birds, Wildlife, and Culture

February 26 - March 5, 2023

James will be leading his first post COVID tour to the northeastern corner of Colombia.  This region, particularly known for the magnificent Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest coastal mountain in the world, is separated from the Andes which runs through most of the country.  An astounding 28 bird species are endemic to this mountain meaning they occur nowhere else in the world.  The tour will search out many of these species and also take in the stark deserts of Guajira, the moist lowland forest along the coast at Tayrona National Park, and the extensive wetlands of Salamanca.  An optional extension to the central Andes can also be added, to experience  different species and landscapes.   Click the PDF below to see the full itinerary.

Photos of Key Tour Locations

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Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

The tour will take in cool lush forests and spectacular montane scenery while searching for multicoloured birds confined to narrow elevation ranges.


Tall tropical lowland forest along the Caribbean coast characterizes Tayrona National Park that is inhabited by monkeys, parrots, and guans.


The land gets progressively drier further east on the Guajira Peninsula changing from forest to shrubland and cactus desert.  Coastal lagoons support flamingos while the scraggly vegetation is home to a variety of arid adapted wildlife.

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