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Tours focus on birds, other wildlife, landscapes, and ecology but also take in the unique cultural heritage that each location has to offer.

Mountain Range

COLOMBIA--Birds, Wildlife, and Culture

April 6-26, 2024


Colombia is a remarkable country for its spectacular landscapes and unparalleled biodiversity. Well known as harbouring more bird species than any other country, Colombia is also rich with a great number of frog, mammal, butterfly and plant species. It is now safe and opening up to become a must-see destination for nature enthusiasts. This tour focuses on the diverse northeastern corner of Colombia and will take participants to montane cloud forest, mangrove swamps, tidal flats, lowland tropical forest and even desert.


​Click the link for further details including itinerary and costs.

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I have been leading international nature tours since 1990 beginning with Quest Nature Tours and now Tours of Exploration.  The majority of trips have been in Central and South America.  I also lead local tours with Ontario Nature and various naturalist clubs. 


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